Producer Guidelines for Partner Enterprises

The Culinary Geopark Ries “Seal”

The Culinary Geopark Ries “seal” designates the products of a Culinary Geopark Ries enterprise.  It stands for the upholding of guidelines committed to by the Culinary Geopark Ries Partner in the production of their products.  The following guidelines relate exclusively to the products of Culinary Geopark Ries Partner enterprises that bear the “seal” of the Culinary Geopark Ries. 


1. The producer enterprises of the Culinary Geopark Ries are small to medium sized operations that

  • are located within the area of the Geopark Ries.
  • have been accepted as partner enterprises by the District.
  • signed the Code of Ethics of the Culinary Geopark Ries.
  • committed themselves to following these guidelines.

2. Producer enterprises, who are Culinary Geopark Ries Partners, may have all or just some of their products receive the seal—but the goal should be to have as many products as possible qualify for the seal.

3. Products with the Culinary Geopark Ries seal are produced by partner enterprises with

  • no artificial colors.
  • no artificial preservatives.
  • no artificial aromas.
  • no genetically modified raw materials.

4. The enterprises use raw materials of high quality for high-quality products that are sold at a fair price: fair trade for the consumer, the maker and the producer.

5. The quantitative main components of the seal-qualified products must come from within the area of the Geopark Ries.  When this is not possible, the enterprises must pay attention that the raw materials travel as short a distance as possible and originate in Germany if possible.  Import is permitted only of those raw materials that are necessary in small amounts, absolutely essential for the product and not grown in Germany in the required conditions.

6. Products that do not grow in the region may not be given the name.

7. Products from Culinary Geopark Ries Partners that fulfill the criteria defined in points 2 - 6 above may be designated by the Culinary Geopark Ries seal.
Versions of the seal are presented to the Geopark Ries management office for approval.

8. All products with the seal are reviewed and listed.

9. The traceability of the products with seal must be guaranteed and may be demanded.

Galloway cattle on the Holunderhof
Galloway cattle on the Holunderhof
Weekly market in Nördlingen
Weekly market in Nördlingen