Audio Guides (in German)

Audio guide “Lauschtour“ (“Eavesdropping“)

Design your own stroll through the Geopark Ries with an audio guide.  The so-called “Eavesdropping“ tours provide the audio commentary for self-guided excursions and walking tours.  The “Eavesdropping” audio guides can be downloaded via app, or iPhones can be borrowed (with a rental fee) from the Ries Crater Museum or Nördlingen Tourist Information.   

“Lauschtour“ app for smartphones can be downloaded free of charge at

Lauschtour Rieskrater-Tour
Lauschtour Rieskrater-Tour

Weitere Infos zur Lauschtour "Durch den Rieskrater" (29 km) finden Sie beim Ferienland Donauries.

Lauschtour "Durch den Rieskrater" (29 km)