The Code of Ethics, to which every Culinary Geopark Ries Partner is bound (status September 2016):

The Code is an agreement that regulates the Geopark Ries network. Every “Culinary Geopark Ries Partner” is obligated to a natural cuisine and to the use of predominantly local products under strict self-monitoring.

These are the points to which every Culinary Geopark Ries Partner is bound:

I. Origin Geopark Ries
For all products labeled Culinary Geopark Ries, the main ingredients come from the Geopark Ries. 

II. Manual and natural
In the menu items designated by the Culinary Geopark Ries logo, restaurant owners forgo processed foods and artificial flavor enhancers.  Everything is produced by hand and “naturally.” 
When possible, the producers among the Culinary Geopark Ries Partners identify those   products that comply with the producer guidelines.    
This guarantees high quality and authenticity. 

III. Uniqueness and tradition
The Culinary Geopark Ries Partners uphold the uniqueness of the region and the tradition of products produced by hand.  While doing so, it is not so much a return to the past as it is a new beginning, based on the positive experiences of the past.  It is about development from traditions and adaptation to modern requirements.

IV. Cooperation 
Producers and restaurateurs of the Culinary Geopark Ries work together on the preservation and marketing of natural, local products and regional specialties.  They also cooperate among themselves to further their skills and knowledge and exchange information and experiences. 

V. Exclusivity
Culinary Geopark Ries Partners commit to the management and marketing concepts of the Geopark Ries and Ferienland Donauries.  They do not take part in competing tourism activities. 

VI. A promise is a promise
By signing the agreement, the Culinary Geopark Ries Partner promises to adhere to these statutes and recognizes that violation can lead to expulsion from the association without notice.