Vantage Points

View of the Ipf
View of the Ipf

The UNESCO Global Geopark Ries has an abundance of sites from which the visitor can let their gaze wander and take in the fascinating structures of the meteorite crater.  The elevations of the about 12-kilometer wide “inner crater ring” - such as the Wennenberg hill near Alerheim, the Wallerstein cliff, the Marienhöhe near Nördlingen - are wonderful vantage points.  Equally impressive is the view into the wide Ries plain from the heights of huge displaced “megablocks” like the Riegelberg near Holheim or the Rollenberg near Hoppingen. The plateau of the Ipf near Bopfingen - a relic of the Alb highlands not affected by the impact - is an outstanding vantage point.  But nothing can top the unparalleled all-around view from “Daniel” - the almost 90-meter high tower of St. George’s Church in Nördlingen; the lofty heights display to the visitor a wonderful view of the city and Ries landscape. This site makes in lavishly clear - the natural wonder that is the Ries offers fascinating views!   

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