Activities & Info-materials

The Geopark Ries offers a full range of outdoor learning venues and activities, a multitude of which can productively complement lesson plans and support activity oriented learning: Orienteering in terrain, Map reading, Using a compass, Plant and rock identification, and many more.

GPS Exploration

Besides a GPS device, some preparation time is required to carry out GPS-Exploration in the Geopark Ries.

GPS Tracks

“Plot“ your own or use the existing GPS Tracks to navigate: the Geopark Ries has a multitude of nature, hiking and bike trails as GPS data ready to download at no cost. 

Interactive Map / Download

Use the interactive map on the website to show the nature, hiking and bike trails and download the GPS Tracks.  Choose the preferred type of trail (nature, hiking or bike) and then click on the symbol to download or to see route length, trail description or altitude reading.  

Points of Interest along the Trail

What point of interest in the areas of settlement history, geology or nature can be found along the trail?  To find out, mark the themes of interest (place a checkmark). Click on the symbol in order to see details of the points of interest or to find out the route length, trail description or altitude reading of the trail.

Audio Guides (in German)

Audio guide “Lauschtour“(“Eavesdropping“)

Design your own stroll through the Geopark Ries with an audio guide. The so-called “Eavesdropping“ tours provide the audio commentary for self-guided excursions and walking tours. The “Eavesdropping” audio guides can be downloaded via app, or iPhones can be borrowed (with a rental fee) from the Ries Crater Museum or Nördlingen Tourist Information.    

“Lauschtour“ app for smartphones can be downloaded free of charge at

Lernort Boden (Learning Venue: Soil) – Handout (in German)

Soil plays a prominent role as water reservoir, as filter to protect groundwater and as habitat for a multitude of animals and plants. Consequently, the Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment has published the handout Lernort Boden (Learning Venue: Soil). The handout was conceived specially for interdisciplinary studies, but it is also suitable for project teaching and excursions. 

The handout Lernort Boden offers insights into the underground in eight thematic blocks, from “Soil as habitat” to “Land usage.” Instructions for experiments and worksheets about soil and maps supplement the handout. They were developed by educators at the University of Bayreuth in cooperation with teachers and specialists in environmental administration. Specialists from the Bavarian Ministry and LfU have also contributed their expertise.  

The handout is available online at

Lernort Geologie (Learning Venue: Geology) (in German)

The Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment has published several handouts on the topics geology and soil. The following focal points are available: 

  • The planetary system and development of the Earth
  • Plate tectonics
  • Geology

The publications are available to download here.


For a complete overview of brochures for use in Geopark & Schools, go to Geopark Ries / Info-materials to either download or order titles free of charge. 

Of course, all info-materials can also be ordered as class-size sets free of charge.