Teaching Handout “Adventure Geotope Lindle”(in German)

This teaching handout was created on the basis of a didactical seminar (under the direction of AR Martin X. Müller) of the Chair of Geographical Didactics of the Institute of Geography of the University of Augsburg in collaboration with the Geopark Ries.  The teaching handout includes didactic preliminary considerations, drafts for lesson preparation, implementation and follow-up as well as comprehensive material for a working excursion in the Adventure Geotope Lindle. It was prepared in cooperation with the Geopark Ries as contracting authority. 

The versatile, didactically prepared materials can be used for active engagement with geological, pedological, biological and geographical contents.  Topics include: Photography, Rock identification, Feeling the forest, Searching for plants, Examining soil samples, Using a compass, Preparing a draft map and much more. Whether involving all five stations or only one special interest, the exercises suggested by the teaching handout for the adventure geotope Lindle provide material for sustainable learning “with all the senses.”  

The teaching handout can be downloaded here