Geopark & Schools

Outside-the-classroom learning in the Geopark Ries

“Outside-the-classroom learning“—that is, excursions in the crater landscape, museums and cultural sites—can complement schoolwork in meaningful ways. The natural and cultural landscape of the Geopark Ries offers many possibilities and opportunities for school groups and families, especially to comprehend geology.

Environmental education and geo-tourism are core missions of every national Geopark and areas in which outside-the-classroom learning plays a critical role.

The Geopark Ries provides a multitude of opportunities for explorative learning and action-oriented teaching: to observe, describe, question, draw, photograph and map one’s own experience with the goal of fostering independent, purposeful, self-directed action.

The Geopark Ries is a unique picture book of Earth and settlement history; complex processes and structures are visible in the landscape.