Geopark Info-Point Wemding

Numerous info-panels present an interesting introduction to the UNESCO Global Geopark Ries and provide an overview of the locations from which visitors can see the crater structure in the terrain particularly well. In addition, the Geopark Info-Point Wemding surprises with a variety of “local” topics: Suevite rock studied in the nearby Otting quarry transformed the Nördlinger Ries volcanic crater—virtually “overnight”—into a meteorite crater. Several info-panels describe sand mining and the use of the local geological subsoil as well as illuminate the life and work of the botanist Leonhart Fuchs. Interesting insights into the Wemding art scene and valuable information about the important Bavarian pilgrimage chapel Maria Brünnlein and the history of St. Emmeram’s Church complete the knowledge spectrum of the Wemding Geopark Info-Point.

The Wemding Geopark Info-Point in the former court pharmacy complements the Geopark Info-Point in the JUFA Hotel in Nördlingen and the Geopark Info-Point in front of Deiningen’s town hall. It is another important location at the eastern “gateway” into the UNESCO Global Geopark Ries. The interactive Geological History of the Earth and the impact animation are also available here.



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