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Information in English


Basic brochure in English

The 12-page Geopark Ries brochure provides first-hand information about this unique landscape—how it was formed, how it affects life here today—and describes museums and points of interest. 


Geopark Booklet in English

The 24-page, large-format Geopark Ries booklet provides the in-depth information presented in the Geopark Info-Centers: The origin of the Ries Crater and its importance today, museums and points of interest. 


Germany’s Geoparks (English)

This brochure provides first-hand information about Germany’s National Geopark program.


Geoparks in Deutschland (bilingual English-German)

This foldout brochure is entitled ”14 Regions—one idea“ and explains the National Geopark program in Germany.

* Pflichtfeld