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Ries Panorama Trail

If you want to experience the Ries Crater up-close and personal—and with magnificent views—the Ries Panorama Trail is just right for you: 

Over 128 kilometers, the trail leads around the impact crater and reveals a unique natural landscape. In seven daily stages of at most 21 kilometers, there is enough time to discover, enjoy and stop for a bite to eat.  

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UNESCO Global Geopark Ries and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

The UNESCO Global Geoparks adapt the aims of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to local conditions und are intended to become internationally
exemplary and globally visible model regions for sustainable development.

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Windows into the Earth

This 52-page booklet provides detailed information about each of the 6 developed Geotopes with nature trails: Adventure Geotope Lindle, Geotope Glaubenberg, Geotopes Klostermühle, Geotope Kalvarienberg, Geotopes Kühstein and Geotope Kalvarienberg-Wörnitzstein.

Hiking in the Meteorite Crater

All five Geopark Ries themed hiking trails in one booklet: Ries Panoram Trail, Shepherd's Way, Saga Way, 7-Hills Trail and Swedes' Way. Includes general information about the Geopark Ries.

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Leisure activities in the impact crater (English/German)

Relief map of the Geopark Ries with overview of all focal points and possibilities to explore and experience the meteorite crater.

Places of interest (English/German)

Topographic and geological map of the Geopark Ries showing a wide range of attractions: Geopark Ries Info-Centers, thematic hiking trails and Adventure Geotopes as well as castles, monasteries, fortresses and ruins, museums, archeological sites, panoramic views, Geopark
Ries culinary partners and 39 geological special features.

Basic brochure in English

The 12-page Geopark Ries brochure provides first-hand information about this unique landscape—how it was formed, how it affects life here today—and describes museums and points of interest. 

Geopark Booklet in English

The 24-page, large-format Geopark Ries booklet provides the in-depth information presented in the Geopark Info-Centers: The origin of the Ries Crater and its importance today, museums and points of interest. 

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