Elementary School Alemannensschule

Kirchheim am Ries

In 2021 the elementary school Alemannenschule in Kirchheim am Ries was the first to be designated a "Geopark Ries School".

The cooperation between the UNESCO Global Geopark Ries and the Alemannenschule aims to promote the pupils‘ relationship to and understanding of the origin and present state of their very special home region,

Aspects such as sustainability and identity are to be given special consideration. As an educational partner, the Geopark Ries e.V. wants to bring the importance of the UNESCO Global Geopark into the schools, especially regarding sustainability. With the partner Alemannenschule, a contribution to a better future can be made. 



Alemannenschule Kirchheim am Ries
Schillerstr. 9
73467 Kirchheim am Ries
Tel.: +49 7362 7430
Fax: +49 7362 919518